Mobile phones off the table please…..

Mobile phones are supposed to bring us close but is that what the device does ??? I would say NO!!!

The mobile phones brings us close to a person at distance making us forget the person who is just sitting next you in the very same table. I would just share my personal experiences here….

Gang of office colleague went out for lunch to a small restaurant, not far off but a walking distance from office. We get into the elevator and the first thing we do is reach for our mobile phones. We check the little devices even if it shows no notifications. we get down to the road and start walking as few are still glued to the mobile phones, few talking. we get to the restaurant, get our table and start chatting. This time every one have the mobile phones in their hands and some does the chatting multitasking with going through the mobile phones. The chatting fades away as every one gets involved into the little screens, suddenly one realise that we are all sitting at the same table and looking into our mobile phones…. he makes a comment about it and everyone laughs and get back to the screens. Though this situation has reduced the office gossips(which is more fun 😉 ) still this is not the reason we got out to have a Friday lunch. The lunch arrives at the table and there is still one or two persons who are glued to the mobile phone screen during the entire lunch session. I wanted to say “Mobile phones off the table please….” but my phone just beeped !!!



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