What makes a perfect date?

We all would have or had that one person in life who means the world to us, the one’s smile that has the power to forgive all the anger we had on them. A time with such a person is always a memorable one.

After a busy day at work just getting to see that special person and having a coffee with them really takes the stress of the day. The cute smile that you see on their face in moment that they spot you among the crowd is a real stress buster. Getting to a coffee shop, ordering the favourite mocha or latte and getting comfortable in the couch with that special person is a awesome feeling. Then you start chatting the sweet nothing, it doesn’t matter what but being with that special person makes up for all the flaws of that day.

Catching up a evening movie with that special person does count as a quality time, doesn’t it? Be it any genre of movie, sitting closely to that one special person is all that counts. If you are lucky to choose a theatre with couches for couple then its really special. Sitting closely, hand in hand and catching up the movie is a perfect date for a movie lover. The Popcorn tub, rightly  flavoured and both sharing it. The sandwich which one ordered and the other wants a bite of it makes the movies more interesting. Even the after movie discussion of the movies gives a brief idea on each others taste.

A leisure walk on a warm evening along the sea shore with the special person sounds romantic. Walking side by side along the shore with water touching the feet is a great way to spend the evening. The sweet nothing talks on the walk will always be remembered. Snacking on the shore is way nicer than a restaurant.

On a lazy day you ditch work to be with that special person, spending all day by their side doing nothing but laying by each other and watching some silly movies or doing some online shopping sounds fun. Trying to cook together or trying to setup the new stereo that you bought recently, no matter what you do with them, all it counts is being with that special person.

Don’t get the moments likes these slip away, always make time to have some special moments with that special person! It’s not the place you go with that special person counts, its the moments you both are truly in, is what counts for life 🙂




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