Home alone after a while ;)

Its kind of fun to have my roomies parents spend a week at our place. Though the routine and space is little invaded, I still compromise because of the delicious home cooked meal his mom cooks during their stay.

I get to wakeup to the fresh smell of coffee each day during their stay. Get hot breakfast ready on the table by the time I get dressed for work. Can get home to delicious dinners. The rooms are always clean and the house looks perfect. All of these comes with a lot of free advices and questions with why are you still single 😉

Having parents over is kind of fun but after two or three days with them I start to miss my own space. Being in a two bedroom apartment, when a parent visits I share my room with my roomie to get a bedroom for the guests comfortable stay. This means I have to share my bed with my roommate.

The first thing I miss during their stay is not having all my bed to myself. Though it is a king size bed, I miss my space in my bed. Then being forced to wear shirt all time inside the house, miss being in my boxers and in this hot summer its pretty tuff. Then its the TV privileges, have to watch the channels that guests are comfortable with.

By the end of a week, I kind of miss my space. So when they have left to town and my roomie too gone with them, I enjoy having the whole place to myself. Today spend all day in my boxers watching my favourite channels on TV. Enjoyed my whole bed rolling all over it and sleeping. With loud music playing and singing along with it, enjoying my new found freedom of today.  No one to question you and no one to care about, enjoying the perks of living alone.

Though I enjoy my freedom, I don’t think I can do it for long. By the end of the day I have already started feeling an emptiness in the house. When I switch off my stereo and tv there is a silence which I wanted a couple of days before, but now I kind of not liking it after having it for a day. Eating lunch all alone is not fun, and cooking for a single person is not so fun.

Hopefully my roommate will be back by tomorrow and I can have some noise in the house again 🙂


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