Being loved!

Everyone has to experience the feeling of being the world to someone. Everyone has to feel loved. Love gives confidence to conquer our dreams, be a better person and most importantly give back love to the world around you. There are different forms of love that we experience in different stages of life.


The first love is the one we experience from our mom, the one soul that fell in love with you even before you were born. A mom’s love gives the kid the strength to believe in himself and that love forms the base of life. A screaming kid gets calm just reaching into the arms of the mom is the perfect example of the secure feeling that a love can provide.

The love from dad gives the kid a feeling of being protected. Every dad is a kid’s hero. There is a special kind of love only a dad can give the kid, that love inspires the kid to excel and wants the kid to make his dad proud of him. All those bear hugs means so much to each kid.

The siblings love, not everyone gets this in life. Gifted are the people who have siblings, they are the persons who always watch out for you and ready to help you pick up yourself when you fall. Its the kind of love that teaches support. There is an old saying which says when you have a brother you have an army to your support.

The love that friends share is one of its kind. There will be a lot of laughter, teasing yet there will be trust. The friendship is where everyone learns to trust the other. Love among two people that is platonic and there is a true caring for each other is friendship. In my own opinion friendship is most like the romantic love relationship except that romance been replaced with bromance.

A loving romantic relationship is where one gets to experience the secure feeling of being cared for, the support of  a sibling and the trust of friendship. Its a package with all kinds of love one gets to experience in life time. A warm feeling of being loved gives one strength to conquer the world. This is where one gets to experience being the world to someone. A right partner can be a mom, dad, sibling and the best friend. This is the relationship that comes throughout the life.

Gifted are the person who gets to experience all these love in life. Love is the base of life and its the only reason the life exists in this world. Lets give as much as love possible back to the world and never miss a chance to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Spreading love can make this world a better place to live in! Lets just make this world better with love.