Feeling Lost …

In eyes of others, I have a good life. When seen overall I don’t have much to complain about. Had a happy childhood, blessed with loving parents and caring siblings. Did my masters and have a decent paying job. A good circle of friends and a good social life. Still, I feel lost sometimes, feel life is boring and need something entertaining.


Life sometimes feels monotonous, though having a good time with friends often it feels like something is missing in life. It feels like life just goes on day by day without any purpose, it’s just eating, sleeping, working every day. Am I forgetting to live my life??

Different questions pop up in my mind, sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I feel like been stuck with a boring job, but some days I love the challenge it gives me. I do have days where I walk into the office with full energy to face the challenge and love my work. Some day I don’t even get the mood to get ready for office. Are they just mood swings??

Someday it feels so fresh to pick up the camera and shoot beautiful images, some day looking through the lens is boring. Am I just being lazy?? Someday it feels like having a feast of the meal to eat, someday too bored even to eat. Someday in full mood to socialize and someday just avoid seeing people.

Have no idea why it feels so or what can be done to make it right. I don’t feel these feelings are wrong, as of now I just feel they are just the phase of life, one cannot live life all the time. Everyone has their ups and downs and mood swings. Just uncertain of why these thoughts happen and not sure of what needs to be done on these.

Certainly, cannot quit the job and go in search of life, Sometimes the mind thinks too much when it has too much of free time. The mind wanders and finally settles to dig into memories and reason out the bad ones( definitely not a good ). The easy way would be keeping myself busy and divert the mind from thinking all such nonsense. Build up new hobbies to keep occupied or even more interestingly get some interesting dates.

Or maybe it’s a feeling of loneliness in life. Boost up the love life, loneliness is not a reason to find love in life though. Maybe spending more time outdoors can help. Just make up the mindset to enjoy life as it comes and be happy with what is around. Love life and live life.




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