Joy of being an Uncle

There is a pure joy in being an uncle. A beautiful relationship with a kid whom you love with all your heart. Being an uncle is a gift getting to know a kid right from its birth and being a part of the kids life as the kid grows. Uncle gets to spoil the kid with gifts and shower the kid with love. Basically being a person who allows the kids to do some crazy stuff which the parent does not allow and of course the stuff which does not hurt the kid.


The uncle usually gets to enjoy the happy kid most of the time, all the crying are for the parents. Being an uncle is being the baby sitter sometimes. The time the kid gets to enjoy a no restriction time of their parents. An uncle is a good story teller, as a kid i enjoyed all the story time with my uncle. Most of my Indian mythology stories are those which I heard from my uncle.

Uncles place is always a fun place to go, where you can stay awake all night and eat fast food all day. Being an uncle to kid has to be the kids good friend and be his support system for life. Be an uncle who is always there for the kid and be present for the kid when the kids needs the uncle.


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